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“A garden is not an object but a process.”
-Ian Hamilton Finlay

Because design and construction are just the beginning of creating a beautiful garden, I have focused my business around maintaining the gardens I design and install. In a garden it takes time to achieve the initial design. Even gardens that are designed to be low-maintenance need extra attention for the first few years as the plants become established. 

My approach to design is to use my horticultural knowledge and aesthetic sensibility to translate my clients' varied tastes into their gardens. Every garden I create is unique because every setting, and every customer is different.

My goal is to get people out enjoying the garden. The idea is to create a place you want to be, simply enjoying the space, or maybe even gardening. A beautiful garden should be a pleasure to tend-- it shouldn't feel like drudgery as the word maintenance implies. Of course I don't expect every customer to become a gardening fanatic. But as much as possible, I make teaching my customers about gardening part of the process of taking care of the garden.